More than 2,500 nutrition scientists and practitioners from academia, government and the industry attended the China Nutrition Society’s 13th National Nutrition Conference held in Beijing, China this May.

The PureCircle Stevia Institute (PCSI) and PureCircle Ltd. exhibited at the conference, providing education about stevia and gave several hundred attendees who visited the booth the opportunity to taste the zero-calorie, sugar-like taste of stevia in a sugar-free lemon iced tea. The booth gave PCSI the chance to connect with practitioners who had not heard about stevia as a sweetener for foods and beverages, many of whom were dietitians and clinicians in China.

In addition to exhibiting, Dr. Priscilla Samuel, PureCircle Stevia Institute’s director, presented on the “Health Benefits of Stevia and its Role in Sugar Reduction”, which included recent stevia and low-calorie research related to diabetes and weight management.

Attendees tasting the sugar-free lemon tea sweetened with stevia


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