About the PureCircle Stevia Institute

The PureCircle Stevia Institute (PCSI) provides science-based information about stevia, a plant-based, zero calorie, sustainable sweetener of natural origin. The PCSI was launched in June 2010, as an educational resource for health professionals, consumers, food and beverage manufacturers, public affairs leaders and scientists. Since then, the PCSI has worked internationally to build awareness of stevia through education and outreach programs.The PCSI is supported by PureCircle, Ltd, a global leader in purified stevia leaf extract ingredients, and its customers.Click here to download a copy of our PCSI Online Brochure.

Advisory Board

The PCSI is advised by an international board of leading scientists and health professionals.

Our Mission

Kenya PlantThe PureCircle Stevia Institute’s mission is to provide science-based information to help educate health professionals and consumers globally about the safety and benefits of stevia, a plant-based, sustainably grown, zero calorie sweetener of natural origin.

Our Values


Data-driven science always serves as the base of the information the PCSI provides. We do understand that food and food ingredient choices are very personal, but our mission is based on science-based information sharing.


Being transparent in all our efforts is of the upmost importance for maintaining trust in our food supply more broadly, and in stevia more specifically. To do so, we communicate in an open and honest way with all of our audiences from partners to consumers.


To further enhance awareness and education of stevia, the PCSI partners with companies and organizations throughout the world to support stevia education efforts.To see the latest news and information from the PCSI, visit our News page.

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