Beverage manufacturers can now use a combination of stevia and sugar in Brazil according to a recent decree passed by the President of the Republic of Brazil.

Decree No. 8592 states that a manufacturer of non-alcoholic beverage products may now partially replace the sugar in low calorie products with low or no-calorie, natural or artificial sweeteners, together or separately. These products must also add claims such as “low in sugars” or “reduced in sugars” to the front label of the product in accordance with the regulations.

The following stipulations apply:

  • The sugar reduction must be a minimum of 5 grams in a 200 ml portion.
  • The law applies to non-alcoholic beverages which includes; nectars, juices, energy drinks, carbonated soft drinks and sport drinks.

Until now, beverage manufacturers in Brazil were not allowed to use a combination of sugar plus low or no-calories sweeteners to make reduced-calorie beverages. This limited their ability to provide reduced calorie beverage products to consumers who wanted to help manage their calorie and sugar intake. This new decree gives beverage manufacturers new ingredient tools that can help consumers reduce excess calories and sugars in their diets for weight management or other health benefits.